Most of this add-ons are free to download. Build With SiteOrigin’s Page Builder. Themes . SiteOrigin Page Builder Premium Add-ons. The Page Builder by SiteOrigin WordPress plugin was subject to vulnerabilities that exposed websites to code execution attacks. It makes it easy to create responsive column based content, using the widgets you know and love.

Page Builder by SiteOrigin ; Projects. The WordPress Page Builder by SiteOrigin Plugin installed on the remote host is affected by a cross-site request forgery (CSRF) vulnerability that could lead to cross-site scripting. All our free plugins are enhanced by SiteOrigin Premium. Contributors; Language Packs; Locale Development Development Readme Stable Stable Readme Waiting/Fuzzy; Chinese (Taiwan) 100%: 91%: 100%: 91%: 0: English (UK) 91%: 75%: 91%: 75%: 0: English (Canada) 62%: 86%: … Page Builder Create responsive WordPress page layouts Widgets Bundle A growing collection of widgets SiteOrigin CSS Modify the look and feel of any WordPress site SiteOrigin Installer Easily install all our free themes and plugins. Build responsive page layouts using the widgets you know and love using this simple drag and drop page builder.

However, you can upgrade the page builder by purchasing the premium SiteOrigin add-on bundle for $29. Find Out More. Note that the scanner has not tested for these issues but has instead relied only on the application's self-reported version number. Plugin Page . Once you download the plugin/s, you can install them just like any other WordPress plugins.

Read more on Read the SiteOrigin page builder review. Developed by Greg Priday, Page Builder by SiteOrigin … SiteOrigins drag and drop Page Builder plugin allows you to build your own flexible, responsive custom page layouts.

Then, fill those pages with the widgets you know and love. Your content will accurately adapt to all mobile devices, ensuring your site is mobile-ready.
SiteOrigin page builder makes website making easier with all its drag and drop features.

SiteOrigin Page Builder is the most popular page creation plugin for WordPress. So far, everything covered in this SiteOrigin Page Builder review has related to the free version of the plugin. The page builder lets you re-create/design your pages by arranging widgets into the various section of your website.

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